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Beaches of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Posted by Bill True on Thursday, July 18th, 2019 at 7:16pm.

Hilton Head beach sunset

Research has uncovered the fact that our beloved Hilton Head Island, South Carolina’s ocean beaches had been a much-visited destination ten-thousand years ago, similar to their place in the hearts of our residents and visitors today.

We twenty-first century humans embrace ‘our’ Hilton Head of today; vacation getaway, beautiful weather, and an ocean fronted by twelve miles of beautiful sandy beaches.

People travel long distances in 2019 to experience and enjoy these terrific features.

People traveled long distances ten thousand years ago, in 8000 BC, to experience and enjoy these terrific features.

Of the 29 Native American tribes that inhabited, what today is known as South Carolina, it is believed that members of all groups visited the Lowcountry and specifically Hilton Head Island.

map of Hilton Head Island beachesHowever, it appears evident from the historical documents of the seven tribes that still exist in South Carolina and continue to identify as groups all visited, and some settled on Hilton Head. This includes:

  • The Catawba
  • The Pee Dee
  • The Chicora
  • The Edisto
  • The Santee
  • The Yamassee
  • The Chicora-Waccama.

Thanks to the diligent efforts of the State, County and Town Governments over the twentieth and twenty-first century, conditions are a bit more comfortable and safety-oriented than the Yamassee or The Chicora-Waccamaw found so very long ago.

All the beaches, from the ocean to the high tide watermark on Hilton Head Island are public, but it’s the access to the beaches that are private. However, there are plenty of places to park your car, or bike, and enjoy the beach.

Each have their own parking available and there are designated swimming areas for Coligny, Driessen, Folly Field and Islander Beaches. During the beach season, there will be lifeguards stationed at those beaches.

Burkes Beach in Hilton Head IslandBurkes Beach

At the end of Burkes Beach Road, you’ll find a handful of metered parking spaces and a sandy path leading out to the Burkes Beach. Its location right next to Chaplin Community Park makes it one of the best beaches to visit on a bike, especially since that bike will get you down the sand pathway to the beach much quicker.

Coligny Beach

If you’re looking for the most popular beach on the island, this is it, Coligny Beach, located right at the end of Pope Avenue. Whether you want to bike, walk, ride a taxi or beach cart is all up to you. It’s one of the busier parts of town because it’s next to Coligny Plaza.

Driessen Beach Hilton Head IslandDriessen Beach

Even if the walk out to Driessen Beach is a little long, it sure is worth it. This beautiful beach on Bradley Beach Road is a nice escape from the everyday activities. In the beach park, there is even a playground with all kinds of fun things kids will love.

Fish Haul Creek Beach

Fish Haul Creek Beach is another untouched beauty on Hilton Head. To get to this hidden gem, you’ll have to take a short trek through the woods (well, as woody as it gets on the island), by way of a path that even has a few stops along the way!

Folly Field Beach

Off Folly Field Road, at the intersection of Starfish Drive & Sand Dollar Road, a sign welcomes you to Folly Field Beach. If you’re thinking about going here, consider visiting in the early morning when the sun colors the clouds in the sky and the two small parking lots haven’t filled up.

Mitcheville Beach Hilton Head IslandIslanders Beach

Not only does Islanders Beach have a great sandy seashore to enjoy, but it also has a park with a playground, picnic pavilions, grill, restrooms and sand showers. It’s by far one of the best places to bring your whole family or a group of friends for a long day at the beach.

Mitchelville Beach

If you’re looking for a less crowded beachside escape, then Mitchelville Beach might just be for you! Located at 124 Mitchelville Road, this beach is one of the least populated. The trees inch right up to the beach, which has some grass that looks beautiful in the mornings and evenings.

Finally, one of the most amazing characteristics of the beaches on Hilton Head Island; bicycles can be ridden for miles along the shoreline (Hilton Head sand is extraordinarily fine and when packed at low tide, is almost like pedaling on a road).

Red bicycle at Hilton Head Island beach

For more information about Hilton Head Beaches, contact us online or call 1-843-785-9500 to get in touch with a qualified Bluffton/Hilton Head area real estate professional.

-Bill True

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