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Posted by Bill True on Wednesday, August 21st, 2013 at 4:34pm.

Hilton Head Island is surrounded by water:  the Atlantic Ocean nudges the front of the island from Sea Pines to Port Royal, Calibogue Sound wraps around the southeastern tip, Port Royal Sound borders the northwestern tip, Broad Creek runs through the mid-section, Mackays Creek takes over the northern portion near the mainland bridges, while various lagoons and creeks meander in and out, edging the expansive tidal marshes.  Finally, large ponds provide immeasurable beauty and serenity to inland areas of the island.

It should go without saying that all properties are NOT equal (or even remotely similar) just because they are waterfront.  Price and use, then, would be the two primary considerations in choosing the ‘right’ waterfront property.  Obviously, oceanfront properties are top-tier pricing.  These properties—whether unimproved (vacant lots) or improved (properties with a structure, i.e., home) are always in high demand and are always in a very limited supply.  Why?  There are simply fewer oceanfront properties—and they are no longer being produced! But oceanfront isn’t the only option when considering a property with direct water view on the island.

What types of activities do you enjoy?

Perhaps you own a boat or kayak and you love to fish.  There are several options on Hilton Head that offer private back yard docks—Calibogue Cay in Sea Pines has deepwater properties on the Sound as well as on the tidal creek, many homes in Wexford are situated on the inland harbour, and quite a few homes in Spanish Wells have deepwater access on Calibogue Sound and Broad Creek. Maybe you love the tranquility of the saltwater marsh and the beauty of the rising tides in the Spartina grass or you just want to look at the serenity of our lagoons brimming with wildlife.  The term “waterfront property” has many meanings and all of them render spectacular views!

So, what do you need to know about buying waterfront property on Hilton Head Island? First, work with a local Realtor who has experience with waterfront property sales.  There are numerous local, state and federal regulations, set-back lines, OCRM guidelines, community ARB guidelines, covenants and restrictions that can affect the use of, desirability and future salability—of waterfront properties.  It is imperative that you, the buyer, be well-educated before you make an offer. A well-educated Realtor can guide you in the right direction. With the right information, you can then make an informed decision to go forward with the right property for your needs and desires.  If you have questions, I would be happy to speak

-Bill True

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