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Posted by Bill True on Monday, January 19th, 2015 at 6:39pm.

No two people share the same experience the same way. We each have our individual life chapters, events and expectations, yet every one of us has a story to tell about OUR Hilton Head—how we came to know it, love it, protect it. It’s the unexpected treasures that stay in our hearts and minds: the waves as they form and break into the surf, the osprey as he soars over the shoreline, nature as she transforms herself from season to season, silhouettes strolling at low tide into a fireball orange sunset, flats boats gliding effortlessly and silently along the creeks at sunrise, the quiet rustle of the palmetto fronds as the breeze comes through just before a summer rain. Life on Hilton Head Island means all things different to all people, but unless you spend time here—more than vacation, more than a summer’s stay—you may never know the real Hilton Head Island.

Before you can tell your story, you have to live the life. Enjoy all that Hilton Head has to offer. Everything you ever wanted and all that you ever need is right here on this little island. No neon, no skyscrapers, just island magic: miles of pristine Atlantic Ocean beach, green spaces, hiking trails, nature preserves; beautiful homes and villas, active lifestyles, outdoor activities, world-class amenities; friendly neighbors, fine and casual dining; walking and biking leisure paths; creeks, sounds, rivers and lagoons—all that is pure and simple. The home, villa or homesite of your dreams is on Your next chapter of life is waiting to be written.

-Bill True

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