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When I was growing up, my family vacationed at the beach.  The summer vacation was the “real” vacation and the winter vacation to the mountains was, well, more of a getaway, even though the duration of each (always a week) was the same.  There is a certain magic in the beach that stays forever close to your heart.  Many of life’s memories which we hold so dear were made at the beach during that hiatus of being we call vacation---perhaps because the days were longer during the summer, granting us more time to relax and ponder as time passed with the ebb and flow of the tides.  It is also possible that the daily grind was intentionally set aside by the adults in favor of allowing the children to experience that spiritual drifting and sea-washed optimism

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The world was a different place in 1949. The United States had emerged from World War II in jubilant victory a mere four years’ prior, and post-war production and employment were at extraordinarily high levels. The country lead the world in manufacturing, and land was cheap, plentiful and productive---especially in the rural south. Logging camps were sprouting up as Southern timber operations sought to acquire large tracts of virgin pine forest, for lumber was needed to truss the increasing housing demands and fuel the growth of our nation.

It was that year that a 20-year old visionary, Charles Fraser, not yet graduated from University of Georgia, was working in a logging camp set up on Calibogue Cay, an island unto itself---literally, its legal name

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Pound out a Google search for buying a resort property on Hilton Head Island and you’ll be presented with a number of canned tips on how to decide if that’s the right move for you. The articles offer generic advice for a generic buyer seeking a generic property in a generic locale. Likely included in the four or five bulleted paragraphs will be advice on affordability, stuffer content that reminds you to put a little bit more into your piggy bank each week. The vast majority of these articles are generated as filler with links to lenders and are so non-specific that you come away with more questions than answers, not to mention just a little insulted.

The good news? If you are reading this, you are beyond that point. I know it and you know it. You

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Hilton Head’s Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort, one of the finest resort destinations in the world, is perfectly situated mid-Island—close to everything but apart from it all.  Gated, private, luxurious and naturally beautiful, Palmetto Dunes rests on three miles of beautiful white-sand Atlantic Ocean beach and offers luxury accommodations—oceanfront and waterfront homes, villas and condos.  Activities within the 2,000-acre community abound with championship golf (three world-class18-hole courses) and tennis (25 courts and an award-winning tennis center. Add to that, an 11-mile lagoon system, miles of paved, winding leisure trails, shopping, dining, a full-service marine at Shelter Cove, and boating activities all within a pristine natural

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In order to maintain the island’s pristine shoreline and keep it in the best possible condition, the Town of Hilton Head Island utilizes beach restoration as part of its long-term commitment to preserving our beaches. The beauty and splendor of our beaches are vital to the Island’s economy but, more than that, they are vital to our way of life.  Hilton Head is a “transgressive” relic coastal barrier and the shoreline experiences a massive and continual movement of sand—a naturally-occurring phenomenon.  Widening the beach provides storm protection and maintains a recreational berm for beach activities.  Sand placement along portions of previously restores shoreline in Port Royal Plantation and the area just north of Fish Haul Creek will also be

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Spring on Hilton Head means longer days, warmer evenings and fresh, new blooms all around.  This “season of new beginnings” brings not only a change of weather but a change of perspective.  Islanders and visitors alike are out and about…whether on the beach, on the course, on the trails or somewhere in-between.  Light-hearted and happy, life on Hilton Head is delicious in the Spring!  Join us for these exciting upcoming events…

DARIUS RUCKER INTERCOLLEGIATE GOLF TOURNAMENT – The 5th Annual tournament is again being held in Long Cove Club March 4 – 6 at the Club’s nationally-acclaimed golf course.  Don’t miss the 2016 host team, University of South Carolina, compete against Duke University, reigning champions. Top teams from around the country

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The familiar real estate adage of “location, location, location” is, even in our mobile and fast-paced world, still relevant. A great business location boosts company visibility—and sales. So, when it  became obvious that we were outgrowing our space, we were only too thrilled when the neighboring building became available. After several months of design, construction, and interior finishes the new offices and conference rooms were ready. The layout is outstanding and the harbor views are even better! We are excited about the shopping, restaurants and waterfront park just steps away at the new and fabulous Shelter Cove Towne Centre.
I am still in Shelter Cove Executive Park (only now we are in the Greenwood Building). The phone numbers are still the

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If one were asked to list three things that make Hilton Head Island special, the list-toppers would be (in no specific order): beautiful homes and villas, pristine beaches and amazing golf.  That is a fairly generic list when one is comparing resort destinations with a real estate purchase in mind.  It is certainly true that resort destinations with pretty homes and villas, beaches and golf courses exist up and down the coast.  What, then, is it that separates Hilton Head from the rest—what makes it so special?

The obvious answer is that our differences are what make us special.  Having been in the real estate sales business on Hilton Head for nearly 30 years, I can tell you there are MANY things that set Hilton Head apart—and above the rest.

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If you are reading this blog, you are already on my website, It’s a real estate website; you didn’t arrive here via a link.  Your arrival on my site was a conscious one. Thank you! You are thinking about purchasing Hilton Head/Bluffton real estate.  That’s great—I want to assist in making that happen.

Whether you are new to or a trusted and faithful Hilton Head/Bluffton real estate enthusiast just checking out new listings and/or price reductions, it won’t take long to discover that my site is rather extensive.  Why?  Because we have so many different communities and a plethora of different offerings within those communities (homes, villas, condos, lots, waterfront, golf, wooded, oceanfront, deepwater creek, sound, club

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I’ve lived on Hilton Head Island just under 30 years.  Fresh out of graduate school (Texas) and armed with an MBA, I was living the corporate dream.  Several months into it, I received a call from my uncle who kindly extended an invitation to visit the island—and maybe do a little fishing.  It was love at first sight. The beaches were so beautiful, the swaying of the live oaks and the whispers of the palms lulled me into submission.  And the fishing was great! The people were friendly, and the island and environs were more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.  Hilton Head was calling and I had to answer.

Upon returning to corporate life, I tendered my resignation and was back on the island as quickly as humanly possible.  Hilton Head was

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